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PLOTRocky Balboa, a small-time boxer, gets a supremely rare chance to fight heavy-weight champion Apollo Creed in a bout in which he strives to go the distance for his self-respect.
TAGLINEYou have a ringside seat for the bloodiest bicentennial in history!
CASTSylvester Stallone
Talia Shire
Burt Young
Carl Weathers
Burgess Meredith
Thayer David
Joe Spinell
Jimmy Gambina
Bill Baldwin
Al Silvani
George Memmoli
Jodi Letizia
Diana Lewis
George O'Hanlon
Larry Carroll
Stan Shaw
Don Sherman
Billy Sands
Pedro Lovell
DeForest Covan
Simmy Bow
Tony Burton
Hank Rolike
Shirley O'Hara
Kathleen Parker
Frank Stallone
Lloyd Kaufman
Jane Marla Robbins
Jack Hollander
Joe Sorbello
DIRECTORSJohn G. Avildsen
WRITERSSylvester Stallone
RELEASE DATE3 December 1976
TOP 250220

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