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PLOTA fading country music star comes into conflict with a rising young star.
TAGLINEA record breaking rivalry begins.
CASTClare Bowen
Hayden Panettiere
Charles Esten
Jonathan Jackson
Sam Palladio
Connie Britton
Lennon Stella
Maisy Stella
Chris Carmack
David Alford
Eric Close
Ed Amatrudo
Will Chase
Aubrey Peeples
Kourtney Hansen
Curtis Gordon
Oliver Hudson
Judith Hoag
DIRECTORSCallie Khouri
Stephen Cragg
Mike Listo
Paul McCrane
Julie Hébert
Michael Waxman
Michael Lohmann
Mario Van Peebles
Eric Stoltz
Jean de Segonzac
Arlene Sanford
R.J. Cutler
Patrick R. Norris
Sanaa Hamri
Bethany Rooney
Eric Close
Ron Underwood
Jan Eliasberg
Lily Mariye
Mike Binder
Dan Lerner
WRITERSCallie Khouri
David Handelman
Meredith Lavender
Marcie Ulin
Marshall Herskovitz
Edward Zwick
Dana Greenblatt
Mollie Bickley St. John
Debra Fordham
David Gould
Ben St. John
Paul Keables
Monica Macer
Dee Johnson
Geoffrey Nauffts
Taylor Hamra
Wendy Calhoun
Todd Ellis Kessler
Sibyl Gardner
Jason George
David Marshall Grant
Liz Tigelaar
Tyler Bensinger
Liberty Godshall
Matthew Ross
Jesse Zwick
RELEASE DATE9 March 2017
TOP 250

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